Advantage Business REACH Case Study

After 20 Years of ‘Getting it Right’ a Business Consultancy Firm Changed Their Tools...Here's Why...

A business consultancy firm changes its people tools after 20 years of "getting it right".


Advantage Business is a 20-year old business advisory service, with Advisors in both the North and South Island of New Zealand, and a team of 15 Advisors dedicated to transforming the lives of business owners, so they can enjoy running a high performance company and still enjoy time to live life outside the business.

“We support businesses generally up to around $100m turnover, with a broad range of specialised services covering the primary business pillars – People, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Systems, Growth, Succession, Training, Governance and Lean continuous improvement” said Rod Way, Director and Advisor of Advantage Business (AB).

“There are common problems we see at different stages of business growth, and we have refined our approaches, systems and tools over time to be able to help a wide variety of businesses, of various sizes, to understand and resolve their challenges.

Rod Way, Director and Advisor of Advantage Business

It’s interesting that, as an advisor, the challenges you see are different yet parallel across many businesses and industries.  Commonly, deep down, they are people issues, so it’s familiar territory for us to spend a lot of time in that area.  People issues are a constant across all business sizes, whereas other issues tend to raise their heads at different stages on the growth curve,” said Mr Way.

“We get very familiar and skilled with using certain tools and we learn how to apply them to best effect.  We usually just continue to refine our approach and adapt to the newest improvements of the tools we use.  When we were introduced to REACH, we felt it provided a much wider and deeper suite of tools to support our clients.  We are very committed to ensuring best practice adoption of tools that have the well-researched backing of the REACH Ecosystem.”

The History

On the people side we have been using (and enjoying) Extended DISC for years, it’s been great to get the conversation going about people management, adaptability, strengths-based management, diversity and generally effective people management and leadership. 

The Now

We came across the REACH Ecosystem and have realigned our consultants and significant parts of the business practices around REACH.  It’s interesting to go through our own process changes internally and change the habits and practice of our advisors. 

We’re excited about REACH because we see an opportunity to improve our resources to help our clients, and to help our clients help themselves in the most critical people parts of their business. The REACH suite provides support for individuals, teams and the entire organization. The cultural elements are very compelling.

The subscription pricing model means that we’ll be able to extend a broader and deeper range of services, while significantly reducing our overhead on tools and licencing fees.  So, we see a win-win where we can provide additional high-quality professional services, yet have known fixed costs, and allow our clients to increasingly be more autonomous in the “people space”. 

The Future

Advantage Business can support companies across each of the key business disciplines.  Because REACH is focused exclusively on the people-piece, it is becoming our toolkit of choice.  It is most certainly the most complete, people-oriented solution we’ve seen and used.

We believe that in several industries we’ll spend an increasing amount of time helping clients with automation, which as some of the processes in areas such as finance become system driven, it ironically means the people management, relationships, hiring and engagement will become increasingly critical in our advisory services, so we see this is a key focus moving forward.

Practising What we Preach

We have had the opportunity to reflect and recognize that our adoption of REACH is us practising what we preach.  We help our clients to assess and analyze the here and now to find opportunities to reduce their costs and/or cost of sale, while maintaining or improving their services to their clients, finding opportunities to add value and extend the relationship with existing clients, and looking to future trends to make sure they are future-proofing their business.  REACH enables us to support this process.

For us, REACH is helping tick all those boxes, and we’re seeing the benefits to our business and to our clients.

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