REACH Organisational Culture Surveys and Reports

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Question: What's the goal when doing Organizational Culture Surveys?

Answer: To have measurable improvement on key contributors to performance such as collaboration, agility and staff retention.

Unfortunately Culture Surveys are only surveys that provide interesting findings without road maps and resources to implement targeted initiatives.

The challenge has been that interpreting results, identifying the right tools or the right providers or creating resources has been complex, time consuming and expensive. This complexity and cost and the competing demands in today's environment often means that no action is taken as a result of the surveys - which disengages the organization to future surveys.

Today's organizations need actionable road maps, resources to implement and dashboards to measure outcomes - not just interesting reports.

Culture Development

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Where are we now?

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 REACH Organisational Culture Surveys and Reports

Automated Training Plans

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REACH Automated Training Needs Analysis Plans (TNA's)

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REACH Professional Development Training Materials

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What Does the Automation Do?

REACH Cultural Development Integrated Solution uses the unique science of REACH together with automation and the resources of the Ecosystem to provide the only integrated solution to measure and improve culture. 


  • Unique Approach to Culture Surveys using a quick, 12-minute Survey
  • Instantly generated report with automated analytics
  • Scientifically Robust, Evidence-Based Approach
  • Automated Training Needs Analysis
  • Automated Mapping to Complete Courses
  • Automated Mapping to Stand-Alone Activities for Use in Team Meetings
  • Scientifically Measurable in a Dashboard


  • No ‘System’ to roll out, simple 12-minute mobile friendly survey
  • Actionable Recommendations(never have a Culture Survey without a next step).
  • Automates the hardest and most time consuming pieces of analyzing, sourcing and executing.
  • While it still requires human judgement, automation takes the guesswork out using algorithms, automation and science.
  • Gives your team all the resources to take action and connects you to a partner network to outsource with confidence.
  • Typical cost in tools and resources for up to 100 people is $9,500 p.a.
REACH Organisational Culture Surveys and Reports

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