REACH Automated Sales Team Development Tools

Improving Sales Team Performance is achieved through a combination of improved recrtuitment, strengths based management and ongoing development. 

The REACH Ecosystem provides Sales Managers with everything they need to improve performance of their team.

With the power of the REACH Ecosystem, Sales Managers have world class tools to support hiring, training, coaching, strengths based management and to be more strategic about KPI's, incentives and team structure.

Sales Management Solution

  • Sales team development companion

    For the Sales Manager to get clear on management questions such as:
    • Where are we now?
    • As a team what are our strengths and what do we need to work on?
    • As individuals what are our strengths and what do we need to work on?
    • Is there an opportunity to play to people's strengths?
    • Do I need to adapt incentives, KPI's or support?

  • Automated training plans

    For the Sales Manager to plan a training calendar to grow the Skills and REACH of their team

  • Complete training courses

    Automatically Mapped, Linked and Downloadable from the Training Plan.For Sales Managers to run training or they can engage a trainer to deliver to their team

  • Easy to run team building activities

    Training plans link directly to recommended 10-15min downloadable activities to improve Team Meetings

  • Measure Growth

    Growth dashboards track outcomes from development
    • 5.00
    • 4.50
    • 4.00
    • 3.50
    • 3.00
    • 2.50
    • 2.00
    • 1.50
    • 1.00
    • 0.50
    • 0.00

    Sales Team Reach January Sales Team Reach June

    RQ overall Trend

  • Strengths based future recruitment

    Using the REACH Selling Profiles and the REACH Sales Position Profile Sales Managers have additional insights to improve interviewing processes.

How does REACH help Sales Managers?

For Sales Managers the REACH Ecosystem provides:

  • Measures their Sales People's REACH (which reliably predicts performance).
  • Identifies natural strengths of their individuals and their team overall.
  • Automatically generates training plan to grow REACH. 
  • Automatically identifies training courses that develop specific skills to grow REACH.
  • Automatically links the recommended training to complete training courses with all the resources to deliver the courses - so you can deliver on the plan.
  • Automatically links the recommended training to stand-alone, 10-15 minute activities to build the skills to enhance sales meetings.
  • Automatically connects you with REACH Certified trainers, coaches and consultants for anything you choose to outsource.


  • Understand how to help your people be their best
  • Understand how to optimize your team structure
  • Scientifically Robust, Evidence-Based Tools
  • Automated Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Course Mapping to Complete Courses (automated)
  • Scientifically Measured - REACH Culture Quotient and Engagement Index


  • No ‘System’ to roll out, simple 12-minute mobile friendly survey
  • Actionable Recommendations (Resources or Partners to Deliver Training and Coaching)
  • Takes the Guesswork out by using Algorithms, Automation and Science.
  • REACH Sales Team Leadership & Development Solution:
  • Price for a Sales Team of 10 People $4,500 Inc GST
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    Ongoing Users Benefit from Subscription Pricing 
REACH Sales Team Personality Profile Reports

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