Now you Can Turn Potential Into Performance

You’ve never seen a People Performance Solution like this...

All Learning Begins with Awareness

The REACH People Performance Solution begins with Personality Profiles to develop awareness.

REACH Profiles provide everything you expect from a world-class tool From a 12-minute mobile friendly-survey

Providing Insights for Individuals & Teams with specialised reports targeting

  • Awareness of Self & Others
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Communications
  • Adaptability

And reports to help hiring for strengths, diversity and to avoid bias.


that’s just the beginning...


REACH People Performance Solution Instantly also provides you with solutions to help

Improve on-boarding

onboard people with appreciation of diversity and strengths across the team. New team members start with appreciation of “what I bring to the team” (personal strengths) and their own personal development plan. All setting you up as an employer of choice.

Measure & Grow Adaptability

Measures the agility of individuals, leaders, teams and culture

Team Leaders to Lead Onsite Teams

Manage and develop their team.

Leadership of Virtual & Hybrid Teams

Guidance to improve engagement, management and collaboration for virtual teams

Develop Leaders & Leadership Teams

Clear insights into the leadership team strengths and opportunities.

Improve Sales Team Performance

Strengths based management, insights to, motivators and development guidance

Coaching to Relationships

With personalised coaching programs

L&D to Target Training

With automated training needs analysis fo individuals, teams, leaders and to improve the culture

Trainers to Adapt Training Delivery to Learning Styles

by providing insights on adapting training delivery to the learning styles of the audience

+ everything you need

to take action, and keep momentum

We said you had never seen a people development solution like this!

Facilitate Workshops

With a curriculum library that covers 80% of the Professional Development and Leadership Development needs of most organisations

Embed Learning

With 100's of 10-minute activities to use in team meetings that ‘Make It Stick’ & physical resources to keep learning alive and visual.

Succession Planning, Career Transition and Out placement

With REACH Quotient and Specialised Reports

Create a Continuous Learning Culture

With live personal growth dashboards

Measure impact of People & Culture Initiatives

With live dashboards and instant reports

+ All the Support You Need

Did we mention it’s all part of a complete People Performance Ecosystem?

That gives you even more?

Or of course you can buy a pdf report from an old personality profiling provider and work the rest out for yourself.

Improve the Performance of Your People with the REACH People Performance Solution

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