ROI from Learning and Organisational Development

How other people are benefitting from REACH

An integrated Learning & Development solution like no other:

  • 1-touch Training Needs Analysis
  • 360's
  • Culture Surveys & Results
  • Coaching Tools
  • Comprehensive staff training & leadership development resources
  • Profiling for Recruitment & Development
  • & much more in a single fast platform

It's the outcomes that really matter:

Being the best, most innovative solution doesn't matter - it's the outcomes and the return on investment that really matters.

The case studies below focus on L & OD outcomes, however, the ROI outcomes speak for themselves.

REACH is about turning potential into performance, however it's the only solution that delivers 10x ROI in the first 12-months through savings alone.

What will your ROI be?
How an HR Team improved L&OD and saved $100k

How a small HR Team achieved in 1 year, what would usually take 4 years and saved over $100k

Find out how this small HR team delivered so much more in less time with reduced costs.

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How an HR Team improved L&OD and saved $100k
A global media company made learning and development more accessible and saved $50k

Find out how a global media company improved L&D across several business units in a single year (and saved money at the same time).

Find out how one HR team at a global media company lowered costs and:

  • Engaged entire business units in self-directed development
  • Engaged individuals in development plans with their leaders
  • Made truly meaningful development accessible to more people (not just the senior executive or select few high potentials)

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This HR Consultant improved business operations, recruitment and tenure

Find out how this Consultant used REACH to help:

  • Create a higher performing Culture
  • Win more tenders
  • Improve leadership
  • Improve retention of staff
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A global training provider improved learner  outcomes and achieved a $750k bottom line impact

This corporate training provider achieved better client experience and $750k bottom line results. 

This global training provider improved learner outcomes and feedback, and had a massive impact on their bottom line.

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This leadership expert improved a leadership development program and saved $50k

A leadership consultant improved outcomes and reduced costs of a leadership program by over $50k 

When running a leadership development program in the resources sector, this seasoned leadership expert upgraded to REACH from the tools he had been using for years, and improved the outcomes, while reducing costs.

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This leadership expert improved a leadership development program and saved $50k
How an HR consultant grew their coaching business during COVID

How this boutique HR consultancy improved its business during COVID using REACH.

When COVID-19 impacted the core business of this boutique HR Consultancy, they used REACH to gain 16 new coaching clients and 12-months known revenue. Which replaced the lost income, and improved stability and predictable revenue - all while allowing the founder to spend more time doing what he loves.

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This teaching hospital improved culture in just 90-days

Watch this video case study where Prof. R. Douglas Waldo highlights how a teaching hospital improved culture and collaboration in just 90-days.

REACH Reduces Costs

See how REACH Reduces Costs of people related expenses by up to 70%

Most organizations can reduce recruitment and development overheads by around 70%, use the cost savings calculator here to see how your costs will reduce with REACH.