The REACH Ecosystem is the most complete, evidence-based People and Performance Ecosystem. REACH Certified Practitioners are invited to join the exclusive REACH Community and are given global recognition as an industry leader in helping transform potential into performance.

REACH Ecosystem Practitioners Certification takes participants though engaging REACH Masterclasses that culminate in a REACH online exam resulting in a global certification as a REACH Ecosystem Practitioner from the OrgDev Institute.

Minimum Requirement to use the REACH Ecosystem: REACH Practitioner eLearning Certification (AUD$700 - 6-hours)

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elearning Fundamentals Certification Outline
Course Outline

REACH Ecosystem Practitioners Certification

Lesson 1: Introduction and Certification Overview

Lesson 2: REACH Quotient - Why REACH Matters

Lesson 3: REACH Profiles for Awareness and Development

Lesson 4: Profiles for Recruitment & Selection

Lesson 5: REACH 360

Lesson 6: REACH Culture

Lesson 7: REACH Training Needs Analysis

Lesson 8: REACH Corporate Training

Lesson 9: REACH Coaches Companion

Lesson 10: REACH Development Companions

Lesson 11: REACH Growth Dashboards

Lesson 12: Lesson 12 – REACH Personal Dashboard

Lesson 13: REACH Community

Lesson 15: REACH Practitioner Certification Exam

Participants who have not already passed the REACH Practitioner Certification eLearning course exam will be required to pass that before being issued with their RECH Practitioner credentials.

Mandatory Minimum:

elearning Fundamentals Certification Outline

For ongoing users that have a REACH Ecosystem Subscription the E-Learning Course is included in the subscription price for unlimited certifications.

Please contact your REACH Ecosystem partner to discuss the best certification options for you.