About Bizgrow Limited:

"To know it, you need to experience it in a manner you actually get it." J. Dougherty


Bizgrow Limited a corporate training organisation specialises in the design and delivery of ‘Learn-by-Doing’ training programs, utilising (RRT) Rapid Results Technology principles. We know that a vital part of social, physical, emotional and cognitive learning as a child, is through play. We apply ‘Learn-by-Doing’ (play) to business, professional and personal development training. We do it because we know it works.  


‘…People retain 90% of what they do…’ Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience.


Janet Dougherty – Head Trainer/Facilitator/Coach is currently the only person in New Zealand trained by Clinton Swaine, the World Leader in experiential games-based business training. Janet has a background in nursing, medical sales, new business development, management, innovation and OH&S. She knows and appreciates the ups and the downs of conceptualising, building, managing a team and running a business.  


‘Learn-by-Doing’ programs are theme-based, fun, fast, challenging, and are an effective way to learn, retain and apply knowledge.  We design programs to cater for all participant learning styles and we work with Managers, Supervisors, Teams and Individuals.  Our training programs are designed to be Practical ~Memorable  and for some Life Changing.


Core expertise:

Our training programs are designed to facilitate personal and professional development in areas of: • Communication • Confidence • Self-esteem, Respect and Assertiveness • Leadership • Team building • Management • Creativity • Public Speaking • Business Acumen


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