About Culture Shift:

Culture Shift was created with a mission to fix our workplaces. To ensure our people enjoy coming to work, love what they do and go home feeling valued. When we focus on our people, and their strengths, and invest in them to become the best they can be, everyone around prospers. Innovation increases, staff turnover decreases and morale goes up which all lead to increased profits and growth for the organisation. It's time we took a fresh approach to developing our leaders and shifting the culture in our workplaces.

Core expertise:

Culture Shift specialises in creating thriving, innovative workplaces where engagement and performance are high and staff turnover is low. Culture Shift utilise the resources of the entire REACH Ecosystem to clearly identify individual and cultural needs, and develop leadership programs aimed at specific and sustainable change and increased ROI.



Service locations:

Culture Shift is based in NSW and provides services Australia wide.


Phone: 0430535487

Email: [email protected]m.au