About Terry Williams: People Engagement Expert :

Hello, I’m Terry Williams: The People Engagement Expert, helping people get better at getting better. Watching me train or coach, you’ll see a variety of learning strategies: cooperative / collaborative, constructive, experiential, Socratic, accelerated learning. Participants will experience rotation of paired / small group work, the creation or completion of partial existing content to adapt it to their own situations, the tactical use of purposeful questions to guide people to self-discovery rather than just telling, intermittent problem-solving team-based challenges, a welcoming learning environment that gets the learners and their brains ready to learn.

As part of addressing ever-diverse groups, as well as being generally wise principles of learning, I also draw on principles from the field of Maori education:

Ako (Learners also learn when they teach others)

Poutama (Like a ladder, learning needs to climb on previous learning)

Te Whare Tapa Wha (The learner’s needs need to be met across multiple dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, social)

Tuakana Teina (‘buddy system’)

People are different and some topics lend themselves to being best delivered by particular styles. Therefore, what you get from me is variety, and a professional, experienced facilitator able to take examples and scenarios from the real-world of the participants and workshop them together in real-time, as opposed to didactic linear delivery of generic content. These methods ensure a productive, effective, and efficient balance between the delivery of academic content, and a practical and relevant session that is engaging, memorable, and interactive.

Keeping it real for real people in the real world. My motto is, “The person who does the work does the learning”. My experience is that the person who did the learning improves the results, the revenue and the profits.

Core expertise:

Terry specialises in the delivery of high impact, customised training solutions for businesses that are serious about improving the performance of their people and developing high-performance teams to get more out of their processes, systems and structures. He helps people and teams get better at getting better via training and coaching that is interactive, engaging, effective, and enduring. Terry focuses on helping learners unlock their potential as they start to translate their newfound knowledge into tangible results.


New Zealand

Service locations:

Based in Auckland but delivering New Zealand-wide


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