About Legacy Consulting:

We are a Training & Development company that creates projects to promote a growth mindset, always unleashing people`s essence, Talent and their Purpose, establishing a solid match with Client´s reality and business goals.

Our learning experiences are crafted to expand people´s self-awareness and self-mastery. We bring joy along the process, using gamification and Storytelling and a unique human touch.
Legacy provides compelling learning journeys through:

Our team has senior, experienced consultants that facilitate training and coaching and are equipped with the best instructional design, practices and psychometric tools (like the REACH Ecosystem Reports) which help us leveraging the traditional assessment tools and provides the Client with an overall unified model for the organizational development.

Core expertise:

Legacy Consulting embraces training & strategic consultancy field, developing unified and tailored projects in Leadership, Organizational effectiveness and Business Coaching, across a number of functions, sectors and industries. Our solutions always start with the end result in mind: how to turn a person into their best self, in order to ignite a better performance and bring out more value to their team/company business goals.



Service locations:

Located in Lisbon, servicing clients across Portugal


Phone: (+351) 936254159

Email: [email protected]